If a band could storm the stage with a single beat that would be Transylvania and the core of what Transylvania means is best summed up by its slogan …. “Damn Fun” when you experience the band live all your senses explode! It’s a riot of sound visuals and massive stage performance. We’ll rock you with core sounds from our culture mixed with the sounds of today. Steaming bass, massive melodies a unique groove and a vibe that you will not, cannot resist.
You want to sit and listen? … mmmm , sorry you’re in the wrong place, like a hypnotic impossible to resist impulse you’ll be dancing or swaying in no time at all in the thrall of “Mr. VLAD” DJ Zgomot and their crew! From the pounding rhythms, the melodies you just can’t resist and our stage show often with a mad and wonderful VJ show... man it’s the “new old”!
Why so?
The roots of Transylvanian music spring from the ancient mystical area of the same name - Transylvania Damn Fun. The melodies themselves are dizzying, mysterious and insistent in a primal way. Imagine what would happen if the already explosive ancient music would be mixed with contemporary grooves!
It’s Vlad Damian and Constantine Zgomot who created this new hybrid and man is it hot! Vlad’s background is in Transylvanian folklore and in the field of culture and history of this ancient people. Constantine until now for his life in music has been the DJ and producer console and the groove that powers Transylvania along, insistent and irresistible and a perfect match and synergy with the melodies and feel for this unique band.
Joining forces, they have created a very new trend in sound rooted in the Balkans and way beyond.
Taking 2 years to complete and starting in 2013. They searched high and low throughout Transylvania, from Bukovina to Brasov. The age of musicians, their musical education, status, place of residence did not matter! All that mattered was the sound and heart of what was to become. At the beginning of 2015 the line-up coalesced into the storming sound and group that you see before you now. But that’s not all because not only do we have a live band that is simply AWESOME. We also draw upon the expertise and supreme musicianship of a range of dedicated session players with whom the recorded sound will blow you away.